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Techniques & Resources

Make 1 Yarn Over (M1YO):

This is a very crochet-style increase I developed. You'll need a yarn over two rows under where you're about to work to do it.


The simple way to explain it is you do a yarn over, then you grab your working yarn from front to back through the yarn over two rows down. Then you do another yarn over and work your next stitches. 

You create 3 stitches this way. It's great for increasing along yarn over spines in shawls and can be used instead of the Make 1 in my Elder Tree Shawl Pattern as well as a replacement for Make 1 Weird in my Lanterns pattern. 

My friend LeyAnn made a little video of me demonstrating it! A note: The M1YO is only just the technique you see between the two yarn overs. 

Softsweater's Charted Short Row Technique.

This technique is featured in Waiting for Rain and The Rain Outside. More information on how to chart your own will be coming soon. 

Are you asking "What do you mean "turn your work?" You're not alone. This article by TECHknitting explains the whole short row buisness quite well. The technique used is their VARIATION 1: Basic short rows (category: no-wrap, no-lift)

Or you can take a quick look at this video LeyAnn Meau ( made of me demonstrating the turn a bunch!

Garter Tab:

What is this Garter Tab you speak of? Well, it's a lovely stretchy way of starting top-down triangle shawls. I use one in almost all of my shawl patterns. If you're having a hard time figuring out what I mean there's a great visual tutorial by Loop Yarn on youtube. I'll provide the link:

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