Who am I? Well, my name is Sylvia. 


I learned to knit in 2010 from a few close friends. I sucked at it, made mistakes and cried quite a bit in the beginning. It only helped me develop my skills as a designer and a knitting teacher. Struggle really solidifies your skills. It's also very helpful to be able to say "don't worry it gets easier... I know from experience" when you're teaching. 


For a long time I was a coordinator at a radical youth centre in East Vancouver. Through that and the connections I developed there I have done just so much in the way of weird and lovely things.


Outside of my knitwear life I run a photography program called The Lovable Photography Project. I help teach a digital media class at an alternative school. I get brought on to teach cool digital media/photography courses at schools and community centres. I also get to do all sorts of fun things for Joyful Threads Productions. That means doing closed captioning work, videography for their amazing women's speaker series EMMA Talks, and just general tech when it's needed. 


I also work auxiliary at the Vancouver Public Library where you can either find me in the Circulation department, or at their famous digital media hub The Inspiration Lab. 


If I'm not at work, doing art or knitting - you'll probably find me cuddling the cat, hanging out with my partner or sitting at a coffee shop with one of my lovely friends.


Thanks for stopping by! 


~ Sylvia